The Early Bird Signals

The deck is stacked against us as we try to make sense of what is really going on with the markets and what we need to do about it.

The mission of Early Bird Signals is to provide context and clarity with periodic action alerts in order to enhance investor situational awareness, and empower them to improve their observations, decisions, and actions as they continue to engage markets.


49.99 / month


YTD 2020: 100.45%
YTD 2021: 8.95%

The core strategy, EB Waverider deploys a proprietary methodology to identify current market conditions in order to maximize gains with leverage, trend following, and momentum. Simple and straightforward to follow, we will either be long or short the S&P 500, or in cash. EB-Waverider will hold one of these three (3) positions at any given time: SSO, SDS, or Cash.

Approximately 1-2 Trades per month.

Historical returns

49.99 / month


YTD 2020: N/A%
YTD 2021: 30.86%

Designed for those that prefer a more passive approach to trading. At the beginning of each month EB Hold-Em selects 10 stocks from the S&P 500. EarlyBird uses a proprietary methodology that we have identified as having the potential for significant upward movement. Purchase at the beginning of each month, and only sell if alerted by EB. EB will rebalance holdings at month end and create a new basket of stocks.

Historical returns

49.99 / month


YTD 2020: 97.4%
YTD 2021: 7.02%

EB-8 deploys a proprietary methodology in order to identify the eight (8) strongest equities in the Nasdaq 100. By observing relative strength, trends, and momentum, we can narrow down a volatile market into a holding of eight (8) individual equities. We buy these long and hold with conviction, employing stop losses should direction reverse. We aim to maximize gains and limit losses by allowing winners to run, and by cutting exposure to losers. The universe for EB-8 is the Nasdaq 100.

Approximately 10-15 trades per month.

Historical returns

99.99 / month

EB-Elite: All 3 Strategies

Original price: 149.97

Select this to subscribe to all three strategies: EB-Waverider, EB-Hold'Em, EB-8 and get a discount while doing so!

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When you subscribe for the first time your card will be charged only at the end of the 30 day trial.

How Early Bird Signals Work

Each Early Bird Subscription provides entry and exit prices for specific stocks/ETFs using a stop order to trigger a purchase or sale.

At the end of each day, trade signals are updated for trades the next day.  Every morning you will login to and open the dashboard tab under the My Early Bird dropdown menu.  Then before the Market opens, you will enter or update buy and sell orders using a buy stop price and sell stop price for each stock or ETF.

When a buy order is executed by the set stop price, you will be alerted by text or email and provided a link to our website where you will find the sell stop price for the newly purchased stock/ETF.  Then you should login to your brokerage account and  enter a sell order using the sell stop price.

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If you are like most passive investors, you are probably saying to yourself, I live a very hectic life and I don't have time for this.  However, by devoting only a few minutes per day, you can achieve a respectable return on your investments with some technical skills and a desire to grow your portfolio.  Whether you are twenty-something or sixty-something, given our track record, you can earn a substantial return by following our trade signals.


Why Choose Us

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We are a strategy team for your strategy, investor for investors, trader for traders.  We win by integrating time-tested investing principles with cutting edge research to bring DIY investors into our strategy network. 

Strategy separates winning portfolios from everything else.  We do this heavy lift for you.  Leverage our experience and investment strategy so you can optimize the time you spend managing investments.  With Early Bird, easier investing does not mean smaller returns.  Check out our performance and join Early Bird today. 

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