Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are we?

A: We are a team of traders and strategists that publish trade signals in order to promote better understanding of markets.


Q: Why share the knowledge?

A: Why not?  Our desire is to help our subscribers grow their financial assets over time and be more confident in their financial future especially during volatile and uncertain times.  

Q: Which browsers do you support?

A: Chrome, FireFox, Safari with Java Script Enabled.

Q: Which strategies should I signup for and how much should I invest?

A: That's a question you have to answer for yourself given your financial situation and risk tolerance.  Refer to the Strategies tab showing historical returns by month and average number of trades per strategy.

Q: Do I have to signup for a given time period?

A: NO, you can signup and give us a try, for 30 days for free.  Thereafter you can choose to engage with us month to month and stop any time.  We feel that if we don't add value to your bottom line over time, why would you keep paying us?

Q: Will my credit card get billed when I sign up?

A: No we will not bill your card for 30 days after you sign up and subscribe to a strategy or strategies.  We will not send you an email a few days before your trial period ends, so if you wish to unsubscribe please do so before your 30 day trial period is up. You can decide if you want to continue your subscription to our strategies and the signals any time.   You can choose to opt out, unsubscribe and once you do we will stop billing your credit card for the following billing cycle.

Q: What if I want to unsubscribe?

A:  Under the My Early Bird drop down menu on the website, select My Account to unsubscribe from each of the strategies you are currently subscribed to.,

Q: Why is your monthly subscription fee so low?

A: While we are not opposed to making money, we wanted the barrier of entry to be no more than the cost of a "dinner out".  We hope to cover our expenses with subscriber volume.  If you value the service we provide, we hope that you will share your success with friends and family.   Once we meet a certain threshold, we may lock new subscriptions down to a select number which will be by invitation only.  

Q: How much can one make with

A: That depends on how much money you are willing or able to invest in our strategies.  We don't give advice on how much to invest, we only share the signals we are using ourselves to trade risk/reward.  If you are hesitant to invest, we suggest you test our strategies using the Think or swim trading platform, platforms/thinkorswim/desktop/ where you can see the effect of trades entered using "paper money" instead of real money.  When you see your "paper money" balances rise, you can start using real dollars to experience real gains.

Q:  Is ever wrong in the trades you make?

A:  Unfortunately every trade is not a winner, so yes you will lose on some trades.  We would like to say we have a "crystal ball" but sadly we don't have one.  What we do have is an algorithm we developed over many years of investing which more times than not is correct in anticipating market trends.  Overtime, we have made money on every strategy.

Q: What are your historical returns for each strategy?

A: On the Strategies tab of our website you can see YTD and historical returns by month for each strategy in green.